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Child Molestation Prevention

A number of government and nonprofit organizations have expended a great deal of effort in prevention strategies aimed at protecting children from molestation. Examples of such organizations include:

  • Stop It Now!
  • Darkness to Light
  • The Child Molestation Research & Prevention Institute (CMRPI)
  • Prevent Child Abuse America

Child Molestation Affects Many People

We may never know how many children’s lives may have been positively impacted by the work of these organizations. Despite the best efforts of these groups, child molestation continues to occur, and it remains an ongoing problem for:

  • People who care for children
  • Children and their families
  • Adults who were sexually abused as children

Child sexual abuse can cause profound emotional and physical injuries. One way to reclaim your life and get justice for your injuries is by bringing a civil claim for damages against your abuser. Klest Injury Law Firm can help you explore your legal remedies.

What Is Child Molestation And How Can It Be Stopped?

The “Stop Child Molestation Book” by Gene G. Abel, M.D. and Nora Harlow, published in 2002, declares that child molestation is a national public health problem. Other sources report that up to 39 million adults in the U.S. were molested as children. Abel and Harlow define child molestation as “the act of sexually touching a child.”

According to the authors, the most important prevention of child molestation is to identify young people with developing pedophilia and get treatment for them. However, that is a long-term solution. Parents and child caregivers want and need advice on how to prevent and stop child molestation now.

What Can Parents And Caregivers Do To Protect Children From Sexual Abuse?

Every parent wants to protect children from harm such as child molestation and other hazards. Authorities on child molestation prevention advise the following prevention measures:

  • Know the facts about how and why child molestation happens
  • Listen to children when they report suspicious activities
  • Pay attention to common signs of child molestation
  • Teach children an emergency plan to use if someone tries to touch them inappropriately, and how to report occurrences
  • Monitor children’s whereabouts and the company they keep
  • Talk to appropriate authorities if you believe child molestation has occurred to your child
  • Talk to a lawyer about legal options such as filing a civil lawsuit against the perpetrator, a property owner or a caregiver who was negligent

Contact a Chicago Attorney Regarding Legal Remedies in Child Molestation Cases

Whether your child was molested or you were molested as a child, Klest Injury Law Firm in Chicago can help you move forward with your life. Financial compensation cannot bring back a child’s carefree innocence — but it can offer a child, a teenager or an adult struggling with psychological scars some valuable tools with which to rebuild a life worth living.

Therapy, education and opportunities for healing, such as moving to a new neighborhood, are meaningful for many child molestation victims and their families. Call or e-mail Klest Injury Law Firm to schedule a free initial consultation with a Chicago plaintiff’s attorney.