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Child Molestation Criminal vs. Civil Lawsuits

Criminal Cases

Sexual abuse of a child is a crime. A person who is convicted of this type of crime will likely be sent to prison. Upon the completion of his or her sentence, he or she will likely be required to register with the Illinois Sex Offender Registry. In a criminal case involving sexual abuse of a child, a prosecutor will present evidence to a judge and/or jury.

Civil Cases

In a civil lawsuit, on the other hand, a plaintiff (an exploited child or a parent of a child who has been sexually abused) will bring a claim for damages in civil court. A plaintiff’s attorney will represent the injured party before a judge and/or jury. Successful prosecution of a civil lawsuit involving child molestation will most likely result in a monetary award to the plaintiff. The judge or jury may become convinced that a sexually abused child is entitled to compensation for psychological counseling and/or therapy, as well as punitive damages in order to punish the wrongdoer for his or her actions.

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If you plan to bring a lawsuit against someone who sexually abused you or your child, you will want to find an attorney with a track record of successful outcomes in civil lawsuits involving sexual abuse claims.

You will want to ensure that the attorney closely follows any criminal case underway in search of additional evidence to strengthen your case. In addition, you will want an attorney who undertakes a detailed investigation in order to develop the strongest possible case for compensation for your sexual abuse or your child’s sexual abuse. Chicago attorney Joseph Klest meets these criteria.

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