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Chicago Attorney For Teen Texting While Driving Cases

Despite a rash of recent legislation to prevent texting while driving, many teenagers continue to type away on their phones while they are behind the wheel. The results are typically disastrous: Today, teenagers suffer nearly half a million injuries each year while driving, and account for nearly $30 billion in damages.

Preventable costs such as these are a tragedy to be sure, but that doesn’t mean you should forgo your right to seek compensation just because a teenager was involved in the wreck. This is especially true if your own teen was being a responsible driver, but was hurt because of another teen whose careless use of a cellphone led to an accident.

The Laws On Texting While Driving

Here in Illinois, the law is unambiguous about texting while driving: any cell phone use is strictly forbidden, including switching songs or otherwise using data services on a phone or music player.

The good news from a legal standpoint is that it’s not terribly difficult to prove that a driver was abusing this law before an accident: cellular records will typically demonstrate the inappropriate usage of a device in traffic. Building a case from there is often fairly simple.

What You Can Recover

Teenagers are harder to insure because of their greater propensity to use cell phones and otherwise distract themselves while driving, and policies such as these can work to your advantage. If someone you know was injured by a driver whose inexperience or habits violated Chicago or Illinois law, you can swiftly compel a court to hear and settle your case.

The scope of your lawsuit will depend on your injuries, however, which is why you want to speak to an attorney to ensure you can recover all the money you need for medical expenses, loss of income, property damage and pain and suffering.

We Can Help You

We can help. The personal injury lawyer at Klest Injury Law Firm has been representing teenagers and parents in car accident cases for many years, and our experience with texting in particular makes us well-suited to litigate your case. If you have been injured as a result of abused technologies and a teenager was involved, please feel free to contact us for a substantive conversation.