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Teenagers And Bicycle Accidents

Teenagers tend to be unusually mobile at school and in their local neighborhoods, traveling in groups together frequently, especially at night and on the weekends. Although driving remains the conveyance of choice for most young people, today bicycle use is on the rise across every major demographic, especially teenagers.

Although bicycle use is undoubtedly good for health and the environment, it can prove a deadly decision when it comes to sharing the road with reckless drivers of cars and trucks.

Bike Riding: The Rules

Here in Illinois, bicycle riders are required to follow the same traffic rules as motorized vehicles, but a great number of riders do not follow such rules faithfully. Bicycle rides often turn without signaling and weave in and out of traffic without first checking to see if they have been spotted by fellow drivers. Motorists, conversely, often keep their eyes peeled for major vehicles and fail to notice a bicycle pulling alongside or crossing their line of traffic.

Bicycle Injuries

The greatest incidence of bicycle accidents on the roads occurs at night, and teenagers account for nearly half of such collisions. The results are typically disastrous: When a bicycle collides with a far heavier car or truck, it is not unusual for major injuries to result, including spinal injury, paralysis, broken bones and even amputation.

Recovering the significant costs associated with this sort of tragedy can be a wrenching process, which is why it is wise to work with a compassionate team of attorneys from the beginning.

We Know Bicycle Litigation

You have arrived at just such a law firm: a dedicated and effective group of injury attorneys who consistently earn major settlements for injured teenagers and their families. Klest Injury Law Firm has been working with young drivers, motorcyclists and bicyclists for many years, and today we offer superior preparation for any lawsuit.