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Helping Victims Of Defective Vehicle Parts

Attorney Joseph Klest has more than 30 years of experience assisting clients who have been injured due to dangerous or defective motor vehicles or motor vehicle parts in Illinois and throughout the nation.

At Klest Injury Law Firm, we utilize experienced investigators and team up with some of the best expert witnesses available to provide unique legal representation with the goal of getting you the maximum amount of money for your injuries or loss.

Defective Auto Parts

As skilled Chicago motor vehicle defect injury lawyer, Joseph Klest knows how auto defects can cause serious injury or greatly contribute to the injuries you sustain in an accident.

Some common motor vehicle defects include the following:

  • Defective seat belts
  • Defective tires
  • Defective airbags
  • Defective design
  • Defective roof structure
  • Defective gas tank placement
  • Defective brakes

Car companies have recalled millions of vehicles for a wide range of safety defects. Every auto maker, from Ford, Chevy and Jeep, to Hyundai, Toyota and BMW has sold vehicles with faulty parts or design. Cars are sold to consumers with faulty brakes, unsafe steering, electrical problems that can prevent airbags and other safety equipment from working, and countless other defects that endanger drivers and passengers. We help the victims of those dangerous vehicles collect the compensation they deserve after an accident.

In addition to defective cars, we handle other product defects including:

  • Airplane defects
  • Boat defects
  • Highway design defects
  • Motorcycle defects
  • Truck defects

You Can Have A High-Profile Chicago Vehicle Defect Attorney

Attorneys’ fees are paid on a contingency basis. You will not be responsible for paying the attorneys’ fees unless you win your case. You deserve an attorney with the experience and skill to get you proper compensation after an auto defect accident.

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