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When you lose a finger, toe, arm or leg in an accident, the immediate consequence is often shock and rage. As the reality settles in and the expenses begin, however, that shock often evolves into a growing sense of anxiety and some serious questions:

  • How can I afford to keep up with these medical bills?
  • How will I live if I have lost my livelihood along with a limb?
  • Will anyone hold the person who caused my injury accountable?

These are difficult questions, of course, but they do have answers. At Klest Injury Law Firm, we can guide you to these answers and help you navigate the process of obtaining compensation for your injuries. We know this is one of the most, if not the most, difficult times in your life, so we will work closely with you and fight for your interests at all times.

Roughly 30,000 people suffer traumatic amputation each year in this country, and the majority of those injuries are associated with car accidents, factory mishaps and errors using heavy equipment.

Amputations From Car And Truck Accidents

How do traumatic car and truck accident amputations occur? The most common culprit is what is known as a “crush injury,” which often occurs in a broadside or head-on collision that pins an arm or leg within a crushed cabin. Limbs may also be traumatically severed by the sharp edges of twisted metal or broken glass in a violent collision. No matter what the cause, the resulting damage can go well beyond the loss of limb – victims often find themselves facing major blood loss, shock and loss of consciousness. Secondary medical problems such as blood clots and infections may arise as well in the coming days and weeks.

Motorcycle Accidents And Amputation

It is an unfortunate fact about motorcycle accidents that they tend to be associated with a higher incidence of catastrophic injury, including amputation. Much of this is due to the physics of the collision itself – when a very light vehicle is struck by a car or truck, the rider is far more likely to absorb the energy of that collision. But the other half of the equation is the “open air” design of motorcycles themselves, which can be a particular problem if a collision takes place on a busy street where additional injuries can occur once the rider is thrown from his seat.

Mass Transit/Bus Accidents The Lead To Amputation

When an enormous bus or train collides with a conventional car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian major injuries will result regardless of the speeds involved. Hundreds of accidents are recorded in Illinois each year by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration involving public transit vehicles, and the resulting injuries in many of those accidents include amputation and other serious conditions.

Construction-Related Amputations

With many tons of mechanized equipment moving heavy materials, and a shifting landscape of obstacles cropping up daily, it is no wonder that so many workers and visitors find themselves suffering construction site injuries.

The causes of construction site amputation are numerous, and may include any of the following:

  • Non-secured scaffolding
  • Falling materials
  • Collisions between construction vehicles
  • Electric shock
  • Chemical burns
  • Loading (forklift) accidents

Defective Products And Loss of Limb

The range of defective products that may lead to an accident of this kind in Chicago is broad and disheartening, and can include everything from child strollers to SUVs. Many parents who follow the news carefully may be aware of the numerous recent recalls on child strollers, due to the fact that design flaws can lead to fingertip amputation if a child reaches into the stroller while a parent is collapsing it. On the other end of the size spectrum, SUV rollovers remain an ongoing source of defective product amputations here in Chicago, as hundreds of people across the nation each year lose a foot or a hand as a result of preventable car accidents.

The suffering associated with these or any other types of traumatic amputation can go far beyond what many people expect, and may include searing chronic pain, phantom limb discomfort and worse. If you have lost a limb, or have a loved one who has been the victim of an amputation accident, let us help you. Get a free consultation, and the answers you deserve.

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