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Chicago Surgical Error Attorney

Surgery involves risks. This is generally known but should also be advised to any patient about to undergo a surgical procedure. However, when a surgeon, nurse anesthetist or other type of medical professional involved in surgery is negligent in his or her actions, legal action should be taken. Have you or a loved one been seriously injured due to a surgical error? The time is now to seek experienced medical malpractice representation.

Illinois Surgery Mistake Attorney

Medical malpractice is one of the most difficult and complex areas of the law. Not all attorneys have the right experience or skills to effectively handle these types of cases. Especially surgical error cases, where there can be multiple defendants involved. Attorney Joseph Klest has more than 30 years of experience. Mr. Klest is nationally renowned for his success and skill as a personal injury attorney. He has worked with a network of experts who can help explain what happened in your surgery mistake and why it may have led to your injury, or why a surgery error led to a loved one’s death.

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Surgery Mistakes And Surgery Errors

Surgical errors can include:

  • Leaving instruments in body
  • Operating on wrong body parts
  • Operating wrong surgical procedure
  • Improper closing of surgical incisions
  • Over-scheduling of surgeon
  • Improper supervision of new surgeon
  • Causing damage to other organs
  • Failing to properly monitor vitals
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Hospital negligence

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