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Nursing Home Sexual Assault

Sexual assaults are crimes about power. The perpetrator preys on weaker members of society. Few people require more protection against sexual assault than patients in nursing homes. These people are considered some of the most vulnerable members of the community, and they deserve protection against sexual assault.

At Klest Injury Law Firm, we represent people throughout Chicagoland who have been victims of sexual assaults perpetrated by nursing home staff members or fellow patients. Whoever committed this violent crime against your loved one is liable for the injuries he or she inflicted and the nursing home may be liable as well. Contact us today to learn more.

What To Do If You Suspect A Sexual Assault

If you suspect your loved one has been victim of a sexual assault, get him or her into a safe environment. We can help you hold the guilty parties accountable. If possible, you should try to remove your parent or grandparent from the nursing home. Oftentimes that is not possible. If that is so, request that the facility increase security or remove the alleged perpetrator.

Attorney Joseph Klest will hold the responsible nursing home staff members accountable for sexual assaults against their patients. We have handled claims involving nursing home injuries caused by assaults from doctors, nurses, nurses’ aides, maintenance staff members, and fellow patients.

Causes Of Sexual Assaults

Nursing homes have a hard time attracting well-qualified and competent employees. These jobs are often thankless and pay very little to employees. Often, nursing homes hire staff members who have criminal records. Nursing homes have a duty to hire staff members who will protect your loved ones from sexual assaults.

In attempts to cut costs, nursing homes may fail to provide adequate security. They fail to implement procedures to protect patients from threats from outside and inside the facility. A nursing home should take seriously the warning signs and complaints from patients. Failing to act on a possible threat makes the nursing home liable for injuries a person suffers.

Sexual assaults are serious violations of a person’s security. These assaults are especially destructive when they occur in places that were supposed to be safe. If you suspect that your family member was the victim of a sexual assault, contact our lawyer for a free initial consultation.

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