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Chicago Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney

Every year, due to the research and work of cancer researchers around the world, there are more effective medications and treatments for cancer. When caught early, cancer is often cured (of course this depends on the type as some are more rare or aggressive than others). Given this vital importance of early detection, when this is robbed from a patient who is already facing a cancer diagnosis, due to cancer misdiagnosis, often a mistake this big can mean life or death.

If you or a loved one is a victim of cancer misdiagnosis, let Klest Injury Law Firm seek justice on your behalf. Our attorney Joseph G. Klest is nationally renowned and has more than three decades of experience. He will identify and retain the right experts who can testify to the negligence of your medical care provider. Whether the error occurred during biopsy or due to a radiologist’s erroneous interpretation of an MRI or cat scan, we will hold all negligent parties responsible.

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Illinois Failure To Diagnose Cancer Lawyer

There are many reasons why cancer misdiagnosis can occur. Some reasons are due to:

  • Lack of physician attention
  • Physician error
  • Hospital negligence
  • Surgical errors
  • Radiologist error
  • Laboratory error or carelessness
  • Failure to refer to the proper specialist
  • Medical record errors
  • Other types of medical malpractice

False Diagnosis

The opposite can also occur, where a patient who had a benign tumor was misdiagnosed for a having cancer. Unnecessary chemotherapy and radiation treatments can cause extensive, even life-threatening damage, as these are very harsh medical treatments.

Every case is different and deserves the care and attention of a skilled legal professional. Let Klest Injury Law Firm help you and your family seek justice today.

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