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Aggressively Seeking Compensation For Your Car Accident Injuries

In the past, auto insurance carriers would often find ways to settle claims quickly to avoid long battles and higher financial payments at trial. However, times have changed, and now insurance companies rarely settle insurance claims without a fight.

At Klest Injury Law Firm, our Chicago insurance claim attorney has extensive experience fighting aggressively on behalf of our clients. Not only are we available to walk injured clients through the full insurance claims process, but we are also here to help you fight against denied claims.

If you are experiencing issues with the insurance companies after your car accident, contact our personal injury law firm for dedicated and experienced representation. We offer free initial consultations at our two Chicagoland locations.

Insurance Adjusters Will Find Any Reason to Fight Your Insurance Claim

Auto liability carriers are not looking out for the interests of their insured. Instead, they are always working to protect their bottom lines and their shareholders’ interests. Insurance adjusters are encouraged to find any and all reasons to deny your insurance claim or drag out the claims process, because they know that the harder they fight, the less people will want to deal with them. Common reasons they use to deny or delay payment on claims include:

  • Injured party is exaggerating his or her injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries do not require extended care and do not deserve higher settlements
  • Claimant has not filled out the proper paperwork or provided detailed statements

Do not give in to a difficult insurance adjuster. Instead, hire a car accident claim attorney who will fight on your behalf. If an insurance company still refuses to settle, your attorney can prepare your file for trial and ensure your interests are fully represented.

Contact Our Auto Accident Insurance Disputes And Denied Claims Attorney

If your auto accident claim has been denied or disputed, contact Klest Injury Law Firm online or call us at 847-595-0387 to schedule your free initial consultation. We offer our Chicago car accident lawyer and insurance claim disputes services on a contingency fee basis, so you pay no attorneys’ fees unless we recover damages for you.