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Financial issues are an important aspect of any car accident. Generally speaking, there are three main problems after an accident. Depending on the extent of your injuries, the most important concern could be your medical expenses. Treating your injuries can cost many tens of thousands of dollars.

If your or loved one’s injuries were especially severe, these costs could reach into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Going hand in hand with medical expenses is lost income. If your income supports your family and you cannot work, who will pay your bills and other household expenses? The final concern after an accident is paying for damage to your vehicle. If you cannot drive your vehicle after an auto accident, it represents a major inconvenience.

A skilled attorney will help you address these and any other financial issues. For more than 30 years, Klest Injury Law Firm has helped people deal with the financial concerns after a car accident.

Addressing Your Financial Concerns So You Can Focus On Healing

Medical expenses can be the single biggest expense related to your accident. While your own health insurance may cover your medical expenses, a personal injury claim will help to reimburse your own insurance company. The proceeds of a personal injury claim can also pay for the out-of-pocket expenses, such as your deductible and other expenses not covered by your insurer. If you do not have insurance, we can negotiate with your health care provider.

As for your lost income, a personal injury claim should cover these expenses. In cases involving life-altering injuries that will negatively impact your ability to work in the future, your personal injury claim must account for all past and projected lost income. At Klest Injury Law Firm, we will work with experts in order to show how much money you will need to cover these expenses.

In terms of your property damage, it is usually acceptable to speak to your own insurance company to cover these expenses. Our law firm is willing to take on these discussions as well.

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