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Noteworthy Successes – Illinois Personal Injury Attorney, Joseph Klest

Since 1982, Chicago personal injury attorney Joseph Klest has tried or settled a number of landmark cases nationally and throughout Illinois while obtaining millions of dollars for numerous clients.

Below is a sample of some of the more noteworthy successes he has enjoyed. Please contact Joseph Klest for a free confidential consultation if you have any questions or would like to discuss the merits of any possible claim you may have.

Recent Cases

28 Million Verdict in Childhood Sexual Abuse Case
CHICAGO – The Klest Law Firm obtained a milestone victory for sexual abuse victims when they received a $28,000,000 verdict in the matter of Snyder v. Kenny. The verdict represents the largest civil sexual abuse verdict in Illinois history and is among the largest in the nation.

Roselle, IL, woman whose kidneys failed because her doctor who prescribed lithium and failed to monitor kidney functions; $3,215,000.00.

Police officer injured in motorcycle accident resulting in left shoulder and left elbow injuries; right Achilles tendon tear; left rotator cuff injury; greenstick fracture of jaw and low back pain; partial tear of subscapularis; subacromial decompression distal clavicle resection; (ii) left elbow – release of extensor carpi radialis brevis; $435,000.00.

Huntley, IL, woman fell on slippery substance at a fuel island when she stopped to refuel truck. X-ray cervical spine showed bulging discs at L3-4 and L4-5 and small disc herniation at L5-S1 on left; Evaluation of cervical spine MRI reveals degenerative disc disease at C4-5, 5-6 & 6-7; MRI of lumbosacral spine reveals degenerative disc disease at L3-4, 4-5 & 5-1; EMG reveals mild to moderate right C5 & C6 radiculopathy; $250,000.00.

Roselle, IL, woman’s auto accident resulted in right-sided cervical radiculopathy affecting the right C6 and possibly the right C7 nerve root, due to herniated disk at C5-C6 on the right side; $201,000.00.

Streamwood, IL, plaintiff with a slip and fall at a Hoffman Estates, IL, Dominick’s on wet floor – resulting in minor drop foot; $165,000.00.

Schaumburg, IL, girl suffered dog bite to face in Palatine, IL, requiring plastic surgery; minor scarring; $150,000.00.

Wheeling, IL girl fell at a Mount Prospect, IL fast food restaurant and sustained an epidural hematoma; $105,000.00.

Addison, IL, woman w/disk injury from car accident in Bloomingdale, IL; $100,000.

Police Officer making a DUI arrest suffered fractures to his ankle as a result of victim falling on him; $95,000.00.

Additional Cases:

  • $1.5 Million Judgment Against A Roman Catholic Priest From The Illinois Diocese of Joliet
  • $3.2 Million Kidney Failure Settlement Medical Malpractice
  • Case Will Test Statute Of Limitations On Sex Charges Childhood Sexual Abuse
  • Diocese Named In Sex-Abuse Lawsuit Childhood Sexual Abuse
  • Former Illinois Priest Gets 10 Years for Sexual Abuse
  • Klest Law Firm Announces a Record $28 Million Verdict in Childhood Sexual Abuse Case