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4 of the biggest fall road safety concerns

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2022 | Vehicle Accidents |

Fall in Illinois is a beautiful season. The farmer’s market will be bursting with local produce, and the trees in the countryside will turn beautiful colors. Many people will go out for leisurely drives in the autumn months to enjoy the brisk weather and beautiful foliage displays. Most Illinois residents will also enjoy the signs of fall during their daily commute.

While you enjoy the golden sunlight and shimmering leaves, you also need to monitor for the unique hazards present on the autumn roads. What are four of the biggest safety concerns for drivers during the fall months?

Animal activity

Animals know that winter is imminent, and they will be much more active than usual as the temperature starts to drop. Plenty of mammals will frequently cross roads while preparing for the winter months, such as squirrels burying acorns everywhere they can.

There are also hunters to consider. Deer or even turkeys might come running across the street when pursued during hunting season. People swerving to miss animals often cause worse collisions or go off the road.

Changing light levels

It will get darker earlier in the day and stay dark longer in the morning, which may affect your visibility during your daily commute to work. Additionally, the changing angle of approach for sunlight can lead to significant glare.

Children on the road

In the early fall season, you may need to watch carefully for students still acclimating to best safety practices after returning to school for the here. In October, local trick-or-treating days will also be a time when children will be potentially darting out into traffic with little warning.

Leaves in the road

Those beautiful fall colors are a warning of danger to come. Those leaves that looks so bright on the trees will fall shortly after turning color. They will create a hazard on the road, as accumulated leaves can lead to vehicles or people slipping. Leaves can also cover potholes and other hazards, increasing your risk of blowing out a tire.

Other risks include early frost, fog and rain causing slick streets and reduced tire pressure due to dropping temperatures. Reminding yourself of the seasonal car crash hazards on the road could increase your chances of safely reaching your destination.