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2 risks you have when you hire a rideshare vehicle

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2022 | Vehicle Accidents |

Rideshare arrangements are very convenient when compared with public transportation or traditional taxi services. You don’t need to confirm what companies operate where you are or to review a schedule for train departures.

All you need to do is open an app on your phone, input a few details and then wait. A driver will come right to pick you up right where you are and then transport you to where you need to be, all with less stress and leg work than finding a taxi company would likely require.

Rideshare programs have provided a lucrative stream of income for those with good driving skills and reliable vehicles. They have also helped provide options for those who want to get around without driving their own vehicles. However, whenever you get into a rideshare vehicle, you expose yourself to one of the two risks below.

Rideshare passengers can become victims of crime

In theory, having a direct link to each passenger should deter drivers from committing crimes. Sadly, not everyone who works for a rideshare company will treat their passengers with dignity and respect. In fact, some unsavory people may go into the profession specifically for quick and easy access to people late at night or while in a state of intoxication.

Both of the major players in the rideshare industry have faced accusations related to drivers attacking or sexually assaulting writers, and Lyft currently faces a major lawsuit related to such attacks.

Getting compensation after a crash can be a challenge

In most motor vehicle collisions, fault and therefore liability are straightforward matters. It only takes a simple police report to give someone the option of filing an insurance lawsuit or taking another driver to court.

Unfortunately, rideshare crashes can be far more complex. There could be a corporate insurance policy that applies, or you may need to make a claim against the other driver, not the person providing your rideshare travel services. Occasionally, civil litigation will be necessary for a passenger hurt during a rideshare trip to get full compensation for their injuries and property damage losses.

Recognizing the risks involved, such as the possibility of a motor vehicle collision, can help you make better choices when you need to arrange for professional transportation.