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4 reasons people have increased crash risk in the summer

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2022 | Vehicle Accidents |

Nothing says summer relaxation like cruising with the windows down on a sunny day. Road trips, family vacations at the beach and company BBQs will all require that you drive somewhere in the heat of summer.

Unfortunately, the summer months also see an increase in fatal collisions, especially among certain populations. Safety needs to be your top priority in any season, but especially during the high-risk summer months. What makes the warmest season so dangerous for driving?

Too many teenagers on the roads

Researchers refer to the weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day as the 100 deadly days of summer for teen drivers. Young adults with their licenses in Illinois are more likely to die in car crashes during those 100 days than at any other point throughout the year. The lack of school obligations combined with more parties can be deadly for new drivers and anyone who crosses paths with them on the road.

Too many excuses to drink

From Independence Day to the last Friday before the kids go back to school, the summer is rife with opportunities for people to overindulge. A cold beer feels great on a hot day, but it may affect your ability to get home safely after your celebration. Drunk driving crashes tend to increase on the weekends and around the holidays because people have too much and then try to drive home anyway.

Tourists make mistakes on the road

When people travel for their summer vacation, they frequently drive to their destinations. The Chicagoland area is a popular Midwest destination for short summer vacations. Unfortunately, all of those drivers flooding into the local roads will potentially make erratic maneuvers and mistakes, which can easily lead to collisions.

Fatigue catches up with people during the summer

Everyone gives themselves a little more space for rest in the winter. When there is less nighttime overall and more to do during the day, people may not get as much sleep as they require. Unfortunately, fatigue can affect the brain much like alcohol does, diminishing someone’s safety and increasing their reaction times.

If you identify and address these known risk factors during the summer months, you will have a better chance of reaching your destination safely. Identifying causative factors for summer car crashes can help drivers keep their safety on top priority.