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Do not ignore delayed injury symptoms

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2022 | Vehicle Accidents |

While pulling up at a stoplight, you passed a vehicle leaving its parking spot on the street. You thought nothing unusual of it until you felt the sudden jolt as your car was struck from behind. It was the driver of that car, and he was not paying attention, leading to the rear-end crash.

It seemed like a minor fender-bender, and you exchanged information with the other driver. But after you got home, you noticed some minor but tolerable pain in your lower back. The next morning, it was worse. Your situation is an example of a delayed injury symptom.

Headaches and abdominal pain

Injuries from car crashes do not always surface immediately. They may take hours, days, weeks and even months after the initial incident to surprise you with an excruciating and, sometimes, life-threatening injury.

Do not ignore these common symptoms that may represent a sign of a delayed injury:

  • Headaches: A slight headache may worsen leading to a traumatic head injury. A concussion and bleeding on the brain are serious and need immediate attention.
  • Back pain: Such an injury often surfaces when your car has been struck from behind. The pain may begin in the lower back and gradually work its way up the spine. Vertebrae and disc problems may be in store for the rest of your life.
  • Abdominal pain: Bruising and swelling on the torso are initial signs. It could be internal bleeding of organs such as the heart, lungs, spleen and liver.
  • Tingling numbness: This usually occurs in the arms and legs, pointing to a sign of nerve damage and whiplash.
  • A personality change: This may result from a traumatic head injury. After a person’s head strikes the pavement, he or she may undergo a personality transformation. A kind and quiet person may transform into an irritable curmudgeon who spouts terrible language.

Listen to your body. You do not want an accident-related injury to turn into something more serious.

An unpleasant surprise

Perhaps the slight pain does not bother you right after a car crash. But, please, pay attention. What if you suddenly get an unpleasant surprise of worsening pain? Seek medical attention.