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3 most common reasons for pedestrian accidents in Chicago

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2022 | Vehicle Accidents |

Chicago is a walkable city, but with heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic, it’s not surprising that so many people end up getting into collisions. Pedestrian accidents can happen for any number of reasons, but some of the most common reasons include getting hit by distracted drivers, being hit by those who don’t yield to those in crosswalks and being hit as vehicles make improper turns.

Here are some other pieces of information about these common causes of pedestrian accidents and how you can avoid them.

  1. Distracted driving

The first thing that pedestrians should watch out for is a driver who isn’t paying attention to the road. Distractions slow reaction times and may mean that a driver doesn’t even see pedestrians before colliding with them.

Before crossing the street, always look both ways even if you have a WALK signal..

  1. Failing to yield to crosswalks

Another common cause of accidents is failing to yield to those using crosswalks. Crosswalks are built into intersections and other areas to give pedestrians a safe place to cross the street. Drivers should stop before entering the crosswalk and wait for pedestrians to cross completely before continuing. Drivers are obligated to give the right of way to people who are in crosswalks.

As you enter a crosswalk, check for oncoming traffic and make sure drivers are slowing down and stopping before the crosswalk. If they have pushed into the crosswalk or made it unsafe in other ways, wait to cross.

  1. Making improper turns

Finally, a third reason drivers hit pedestrians is because of making improper turns. Drivers need to stop at red lights and stop signs. If they turn without looking, then they could cross into the path of a pedestrian or hit them. Pedestrians may have a WALK signal when the opposite light is red, so drivers must be cautious when making turns.

These are three common reasons for pedestrian accidents. Be cautious as you walk, so you can avoid a crash. If you are hit, the driver may be responsible. You may want to look into your legal options to make a personal injury claim.