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How much will car insurance cover after a serious crash?

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2021 | Vehicle Accidents |

It only takes a few seconds for another person’s bad decision to completely change your life. They get behind the wheel while drunk or run a red light, and you suffer the consequences.

A serious crash could cause massive injuries to you and any passengers in the vehicle. You will also have property damage costs related to repairing your vehicle. In some cases, you may need to buy a new car entirely.

Most drivers assume that insurance will take care of them after a crash in Illinois, but that definitely depends on the circumstances of the crash and the kind of coverage involved. How much will insurance cover after a wreck? 

What you can claim depends on the other driver’s coverage

Your motor vehicle insurance policy serves primarily to limit your liability if you cause a crash. Your policy pays when you are the one at fault for a wreck. That way, your future income and current assets aren’t at risk.

In a collision caused by another driver, their policy is the one that pays for your various losses. Unfortunately, that means your compensation depends on another person’s financial foresight. Many drivers in Illinois only carry the lowest level of coverage legally required.

They might have just $20,000 worth of property damage coverage, which could be far less than the cost to replace an almost-new vehicle or repair a valuable vehicle, like an import or a wheelchair-accessible van. Even worse, they may have minimal medical coverage as well. Illinois only requires drivers to carry $25,000 worth of coverage if they hurt one person in a crash or $50,000 if they hurt two or more people.

What happens if insurance falls short of your needs?

When the other driver doesn’t have enough insurance, you don’t have to accept those financial losses. Some drivers with comprehensive insurance policies have the option of making a claim against their own uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.

If you don’t have that coverage or would prefer to avoid a claim against your own policy, then a civil lawsuit against the driver without enough insurance is an option. Knowing what choices you have after a serious car wreck can help you seek justice and financial compensation.