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3 statistics show that cyclists and drivers have a long way to go

The relationship between bicyclists and drivers has not always been as good as it could be. The two sides often do not really see eye-to-eye. Drivers think it's frustrating and annoying when slower bicyclists hold up traffic or take up part of the lane, while cyclists think that aggressive and careless drivers put everyone at risk.

That's part of the reason you see media campaigns about sharing the road. It may feel like common sense to you as a cyclist, but there really is a disconnect here. A lot of work has to be done before both groups can actually share the road safely and responsibly.

Recent aircraft crashes raise concerns about Boeing's 737 Max

The crash of a Boeing 737 Max jet liner in Ethiopia this week has raised disturbing questions about the safety of this plane. Minutes after the plane took off, it plunged to the ground, killing all 157 people on board. Just five months ago, a Boeing 737 Max crashed in Indonesia with no survivors. As a result, all units of this aircraft model have been grounded around the world.

Is that canned food safe? Or does it contain deadly toxins?

You hop on your bike one Saturday afternoon and ride over to the farmers market. You love to support the local economy. You're happy to get fresh, farm-grown foods. You can't believe how many people eat processed foods, but you're not going to put that stuff in your body. The farmers' market is the perfect way to find the food you really want.

While you're there, you find a great variety of foods, canned by an artisan food producer.  You pick up as many as you can carry on your bike, pay for them, and ride home. You're thrilled about how well you're going to be eating for the foreseeable future. Canned foods give you a lot of options and they offer you healthy meals prepared by someone who has the same values that you do about environmentalism, food culture and sustainable living.

Airline passengers suffer injuries on a very turbulent flight

On February 13, 2019, a Delta Airlines flight had to be diverted to Reno, Nevada, after severe turbulence caused injuries to five passengers. Three of the passengers were injured so badly that they required hospitalization. The plane, en route from Santa Ana, California to Seattle, flew through a strong winter storm, expected to last all week. The National Weather Service in Reno said the storm will "downright dangerous flying conditions with extreme turbulence". The Service went on the say "this is a particularly dangerous situation for aviation in the lee of the Sierra over the next few days." Considering the warnings made by the National Weather Service, one wonders why the airplane's pilots chose to fly directly through the storm, rather than altering their course.

Sex abuse scandals are draining Catholic Church finances

The Archdiocese of Chicago has incurred significant debts, due largely to the many sexual abuse claims filed against it. In an article published on February 11, 2019, the Chicago Sun Times says that in recent years, the archdiocese has borrowed more than $200 million to cover its obligations.

To lessen this debt load, the Church intends to sell the parking lot located directly across the street from Holy Name Cathedral for a reported $100 million. A developer intends to erect two high-rise residential buildings on this prime piece of real estate. In addition, the Church is considering the sale of the "Cardinal's Mansion" on Chicago's Gold Coast.

Do we need a "Dutch-style" road safety movement in Chicago?

The Netherlands wasn't always a "bicycle-friendly nation." In fact, in the 1960s and 1970s, it was a dangerous place to be a cyclist or a pedestrian. Thousands of cyclists and pedestrians were dying on the roads every year.

The carnage experienced by the Dutch people inspired a road safety movement. People started to protest on the streets with picket signs and the government took notice. By improving road design, through nation-wide education campaigns, better laws and improved enforcement, the Dutch people made their roads safer.

3 types of food-related illnesses: Were you a victim?

No one should serve you tainted food that causes you to get sick. Furthermore, no one should manufacture or sell tainted food products that make you sick. Nevertheless, this happens all of the time. Whether it's a restaurant, a food seller or a food manufacturer that is to blame for the food product that made you sick, this party could be financially liable if your food-related sickness results in serious injuries.

If you get seriously ill with a food-related health condition, make sure you get to the bottom of what caused it - and if you find that another party is to blame - don't hesitate to hold this party liable in court.

Investigating a bicycle accident: Different from a car crash?

Imagine you were hit by a distracted motorist while riding your bike. You have a strong case for damages so you reach out to a personal injury attorney for guidance. The problem is, this attorney has never represented a bicyclist, and the attorney doesn't know how to evaluate the evidence in your case.

Investigating a bicycle versus car accident is much different from investigating a car versus car accident. If you're a cyclist who was injured in such a collision due to no fault of your own, you will want to keep these differences in mind when choosing an attorney to handle your case.

Biking safety: Riding for health while staying safe

Riding a bike is a great way to get exercise and to get where you want to go without using fossil fuels. The problem is that bikes are not extremely common in America. This means the drivers are not accustomed to seeing them on the roads.

Some of the people most at risk for bike accidents include children and older adults who are at a higher risk of serious injury if involved in a crash. Children are more likely to make mistakes that result in ending up in dangerous conditions.

Stay safe in the snow with the right bicycling tips

Chillier weather in Illinois makes it less likely that cyclists will be on the roads, but it doesn't mean everyone will pack away their bikes for the season. The reality is that anyone can cycle at any time, but they're more at risk of getting into a crash if drivers aren't expecting to see them.

As someone who enjoys riding year-round, you should know how to make yourself stand out in every season. Better gear is just one way to help yourself stand out when it's sunny, snowy or rainy. Choosing the right jacket color, using lights on your bicycle and even having a horn may help save your life.

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