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Investigating a bicycle accident: Different from a car crash?

Imagine you were hit by a distracted motorist while riding your bike. You have a strong case for damages so you reach out to a personal injury attorney for guidance. The problem is, this attorney has never represented a bicyclist, and the attorney doesn't know how to evaluate the evidence in your case.

Investigating a bicycle versus car accident is much different from investigating a car versus car accident. If you're a cyclist who was injured in such a collision due to no fault of your own, you will want to keep these differences in mind when choosing an attorney to handle your case.

Biking safety: Riding for health while staying safe

Riding a bike is a great way to get exercise and to get where you want to go without using fossil fuels. The problem is that bikes are not extremely common in America. This means the drivers are not accustomed to seeing them on the roads.

Some of the people most at risk for bike accidents include children and older adults who are at a higher risk of serious injury if involved in a crash. Children are more likely to make mistakes that result in ending up in dangerous conditions.

Stay safe in the snow with the right bicycling tips

Chillier weather in Illinois makes it less likely that cyclists will be on the roads, but it doesn't mean everyone will pack away their bikes for the season. The reality is that anyone can cycle at any time, but they're more at risk of getting into a crash if drivers aren't expecting to see them.

As someone who enjoys riding year-round, you should know how to make yourself stand out in every season. Better gear is just one way to help yourself stand out when it's sunny, snowy or rainy. Choosing the right jacket color, using lights on your bicycle and even having a horn may help save your life.

Legionnaires' disease strikes 2 in Embassy Suites

The Embassy Suites Hotel on North State Street in downtown Chicago has recently become embroiled in a bit of a scandal when two guests came down with Legionnaires' disease.

Following this event, the Chicago Department of Public Health directed the hotel to close down its water systems for an investigation. These systems were then disinfected so that they can safely get put back into use.

Follow these tips to drive safely in a work zone

If you live in or around the Chicago area, you're never surprised when you find yourself driving into a work zone. Even if you're used to this, it only takes one mix-up to cause a serious accident.

Driving safely in a construction zone takes a unique approach. Here are five things you can do to keep yourself, other drivers and workers safe:

  • Know the speed limit: The speed limit in a work zone is almost always lower, as it's imperative for drivers to slow down and pay attention to what's happening around them. Keep an eye out for a speed limit change so you can slow down at the appropriate time.
  • Watch for signs and flaggers: For example, a work zone may have a sign warning that construction vehicles frequent the area. You may also come across flaggers who are staffed with the responsibility of telling you what to do. Pay attention to signs and flaggers and follow directions closely.
  • Use your headlights: Even if there is no sign telling you to turn on your headlights, doing so is always a good idea. It allows you to better see the road ahead, while also helping workers and other drivers see your vehicle.
  • Don't follow other vehicles too closely: When traffic slows down, it's easy to get too close to the vehicle in front of yours. Avoid doing so, as driving too closely can cause a rear-end collision in the event of an abrupt stop.
  • Avoid distractions: This is a must at all times when driving, and is particularly true when navigating a work zone. Don't pay attention to your cellphone, other people in your car or the song playing on the radio. Focus all your attention on your safety.

"Dooring" self-defense: Prevent these dangerous bicycle crashes

"Dooring accidents," in which a motor vehicle driver or passenger opens up their door in the path of bicyclists, are exceedingly dangerous. Numerous Chicago cyclists have incurred devastating and catastrophic injuries as a result of these tragic incidents.

Because of the risk of injury and even death in dooring crashes, it's important for bicyclists to be on alert and do everything they can to avoid them. Here are a few ways cyclists can avoid getting "doored" by asking themselves these questions while they're sharing the roadway with motor vehicles:

5 common bicycle accident injuries

When a bicyclist crashes, it's a very different situation than when a motor vehicle driver crashes. A bicyclist is completely unprotected during an accident, and is also balanced precariously on top of a bike seat. When a cyclist falls, loses control or strikes a vehicle, the cyclist is likely to hit something forcibly with his or her body resulting in an injury.

If you were recently involved in a serious bicycle accident, you might have the broken bones and other injuries to prove it. Perhaps, for example, you're suffering one of the following five most common bicycle accident injuries:

Get ready for winter bicycling in the Chicago area

The weather in the Chicago area is moving toward the bitter temperatures of winter. Many avid cyclists opt to still ride throughout these cold temperatures, which increases their risk of encountering hazards on the road.

Now is the time to brush up on your winter weather riding skills. Whether you've been riding for years or this is your first winter in the Chicagoland area during which you will bicycle, remember these tips:

Factors to consider in a wrongful death pedestrian accident case

Although it isn't possible to right the wrong of a pedestrian dying due to the negligence or wrongful behavior of a reckless motorist, Illinois courts will strive - as best they can - to make surviving family members whole. That said, measuring damages relating to the loss of a loved one in a Chicagoland pedestrian accident is never a clear-cut process in a wrongful death lawsuit.

In damage valuations associated with wrongful death cases, Illinois courts will focus on determining the "pecuniary losses" suffered by close family members of the pedestrian who died. Pecuniary losses relate the loss of support, services, future inheritances, the cost of funeral expenses, and other categories of losses depending on the unique circumstances of the case.

Avoid drunk driving crashes by spotting intoxicated drivers

Many Illinois motorists frequently find themselves driving late at night due to their work schedules or type of employment. Although roads in Chicagoland tend to be less congested during the early morning hours, more drunk and intoxicated motorists also tend to be on the road at these times. These drivers make driving late at night extra-dangerous. It's important for late-night drivers to learn how to spot drunk drivers, so they can take evasive action to give these accident-prone motorists plenty of leeway.

Here's what to look for when spotting an intoxicated motorist:

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I am VERY pleased with how he handled my case and also praise his support staff as well.”

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