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Comparative negligence as applied to bike accidents in Illinois

Being involved in a bike accident as a cyclist can mean that you are subject to significant injuries and material damages. As a result, you have the opportunity to engage in a negligence claim against the party that you believe is responsible. In order to be successful in gaining back damages after an accident, you will need to show that the other party was at fault, or in other words, that they acted in a negligent way.

All parties who are accused of liability have the right to defend themselves, just as in any other case. It has previously been common for defending parties in Illinois, usually the drivers of vehicles who have been involved in an accident with a cyclist, to defend themselves through showing contributory negligence on the part of the plaintiff.

Understanding cyclists' speeds can help drivers prevent crashes

In 2018, there were 857 cyclists killed in crashes with motor vehicles. As someone who enjoys riding, you know how dangerous it can be, too. You try to plan your routes, but if traffic is busy or a driver is distracted, there is little you can do to avoid those who may run into you.

One of the big issues with cyclists and drivers is that drivers often underestimate how fast cyclists are traveling. Racing bikes, and fit riders, can travel up to 25 mph or higher, depending on where the rider is and the surface conditions. An average cyclist can travel anywhere from 10 to 14 mph, though some travel faster or slower.

Know what to do if you are struck by a car on your bicycle

The Chicago area is full of beautiful bike trails for enthusiasts. Regardless of where you are riding around the city, you know that safety has to be a priority. It is imperative that you take your time, and you hope that drivers will do the same.

When you have to ride around vehicles, you will need to ensure that you are following the proper laws so that you do not inadvertently put yourself in danger. You should expect that drivers will do the same. Unfortunately, they might not, and you could be the one who suffers because of it. You should have a plan in mind in the event that a vehicle slams into you while you are riding.

When can I hold a restaurant liable for food poisoning?

Food poisoning is a relatively common but unpleasant experience. While most cases of food poisoning simply include an upset stomach, vomiting and a loss of appetite, some extreme instances of food poisoning lead to hospitalization.

Food poisoning can occur for different reasons, but it's always a result of food being contaminated with bacteria or a virus. If you or a loved one has suffered from food poisoning after eating at a restaurant, you may feel that something must be done to hold the business owners liable, especially if the food poisoning was serious. In many cases, it can be possible to hold a food establishment liable for the occurrence of food poisoning. However, to be successful, a plaintiff must prove causation. The following is an overview of how the law applies to instances of food poisoning.

How can I prevent collisions involving cyclists?

Drivers of cars are one of the safest parties on the road. The latest technology allows for modern cars to have many different types of collision protection that can prevent serious injuries. Cyclists, however, do not have the same level of protection — there is nothing separating them from the car in the event of a collision.

Therefore, as a car driver, it is likely that you want to understand how you can exercise your responsibility to keep cyclists as safe as possible. No one wants to be involved in a collision that seriously injures another person. While you can never prevent the negligent actions of a cyclist, there are some things that you can do to make your actions on the road as safe as possible.

What are the causes of food poisoning?

Almost everyone has experienced food poisoning at some point in their lives. While mild forms of food poisoning are unpleasant, it is usually nothing to worry about as long as you make sure to stay hydrated when experiencing symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting. However, some types of food poisoning can be extremely severe. In some cases, those suffering from food poisoning can face hospitalization and may even be at risk of losing their life.

If you have recently suffered food poisoning, you have likely tried to pinpoint the food that caused your sickness. If you strongly believe that the food you were served at a restaurant caused the food poisoning, you may even wonder if you should take legal action.

Can food poisoning justify a lawsuit?

In the modern world, we place our trust in many different providers to meet our needs and keep us safe. Many of us are so familiar with the food we eat that it is easy to forget that the companies that produce our food have a responsibility to provide us with safe goods. Unfortunately, food producers face many of the same quality control issues that other manufacturers face, and some food products can cause great harm.

Food poisoning is a fairly common experience, and in many instances, the symptoms of food poisoning are painful but brief. However, some cases of food poisoning are quite severe or may cause complications with other illnesses or conditions a victim may have. Not all instances of food poisoning justify an injury claim, but there are instances that do.

Staying safe while bicycling around Chicago

Bicyclists can enjoy the great sights in Chicago from a fun vantage point. The city has bike lanes and other features to help cyclists remain safe, but everyone on the roads must do their part to keep them safe. Understanding some of the rules and laws, as well as a few of the hazards that bicyclists face, can help everyone remain safe.

One of the most important things to remember is that cyclists should always wear a helmet and appropriate safety gear, including vibrant or reflective clothing that makes them easy to spot. On top of that, make sure the bicycle is in good shape.

Lawsuit filed after alleged sexual abuse at school

If you were the parent of a teenage girl who was sexually assaulted by an older male student at her high school, you would likely be up in arms and seeking justice. That is the situation one father of a 25-year-old student at Chicago's Lincoln Park High School found himself in after his daughter explained what happened to her.

A 17-year-old fellow student is allegedly her rapist, an anonymous lawsuit claims. The suit also charges school officials for not stopping her assault earlier in 2020.

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