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Expert ranks cycling as the safest way to get to work

You hear a lot about the risks involved with cycling and the odds of an accident. You hear how getting hit on your bike is far more dangerous than getting hit in your car. It makes it seem like, when considering the overall impact on your health, you would be far better off to drive your car to work, rather than riding your bike.

However, that's a mistake. Health experts have actually said that riding your bike to work is the best type of commute for your health out of the big four: driving, cycling, walking and taking public transportation.

SUV drivers really don't take your safety seriously

You're riding down the bike lane when an SUV goes by. There's plenty of space to move over, but the driver neglects to do so, coming within a foot or so of your bike. It's way too close. On top of that, the SUV is going about 60 miles per hour, even though you are clearly in a 45 MPH zone. As the vehicle goes by, you look up and see that the driver is texting and looking down as they pass you. While you watch, the SUV actually drifts into the bike lane about 20 feet ahead of you.

Sound familiar? It's probably something that happens a lot. Even when you don't get into an accident, you wind up with your heart pounding, feeling like you almost lost your life just trying to ride your bike. You know that, one of these days, someone is going to hit you. And you feel like it's probably going to be an SUV.

3 easy steps to turn right through a bike lane

The danger of riding a bike in the city stems, to a large degree, from the sheer ignorance that many drivers have regarding how to drive around bikes. They simply do not understand how to do it properly. They're not trying to put you in danger when you're out for a ride, but their lack of knowledge leads to critical mistakes -- and you're the one who pays the price.

Just take a look at the results of drivers' tests at the DMV. One of the questions that drivers frequently answer incorrectly is how to make a right turn if they're next to a bike lane. Turning right is one of the easiest things you can do in a car, but they can't do it if there are cyclists around.

Is cycling on the road even worth it?

Road cycling comes with inherent dangers. Any time you ride your bike around cars, you take on some risk. It doesn't matter if you have a $5,000 carbon-frame bike that just eats up the miles or a $100 bike from a garage sale. If you get into an accident with a car, you could get seriously injured.

In fact, this risk has some cyclists asking if it's even worth it. Why ride around cars at all? Do the benefits and advantages outweigh the risks?

Young people like small cars, but there's a hidden danger

Often, younger drivers enjoy having small vehicles. As they get older and have families, they may start turning to minivans and trucks and SUVs with third-row seating. But, when they're young, they often buy compact cars or at least smaller vehicles.

According to auto experts, some of the most popular cars with young drivers include:

  • The Ford Focus ST
  • The Volkswagen GTI
  • The Jeep Wrangler
  • The Subaru Crosstrek

Chicago car accidents: 5 things every driver should know

Cities are notorious for their bumper-to-bumper traffic and an abundance of pedestrians, cyclists, tourists, taxi cabs and much more. It's chaotic for visitors. Even those who live in a major city like Chicago, who get used to this traffic, still face a lot of risks.

To some degree, avoiding an accident starts with understanding the risks and taking steps to reduce them. Here are five things you need to know about driving in the city:

Establishing fault after a dooring accident

If you are a cyclist in Chicago, you will know that the city roads present significant dangers. In addition to wearing a helmet, it's vital to exercise caution and look out for oncoming hazards at all times. However, while cycling alongside parked cars, doors can open without warning and crashes can be unavoidable.

If you were injured after crashing into an opened door, it is likely that you will want to explore your compensation options. Todo this, you will need to show that the driver or the passenger was negligent in their actions, causing an unavoidable crash. The following are factors to take into consideration when trying to hold the other party responsible.

Should you wear headphones on your bike?

When you bought your new iPhone, you grabbed a pair of Bluetooth headphones to go along with it. The new phone didn't have the same 3.5mm headphone jack as your older phone, taken off in favor of the Lightning port. You didn't feel like using an adaptor, but it was more than that. The wireless headphones were even more convenient for one activity that you love: riding your bike.

After all, without the dangling cords, there's no chance of them getting caught up in the bike or your body while you ride. You won't hook them on anything riding on the trails. Wireless headphones finally give you the freedom to ride and listen to music without thinking or worrying about anything else.

3 statistics show that cyclists and drivers have a long way to go

The relationship between bicyclists and drivers has not always been as good as it could be. The two sides often do not really see eye-to-eye. Drivers think it's frustrating and annoying when slower bicyclists hold up traffic or take up part of the lane, while cyclists think that aggressive and careless drivers put everyone at risk.

That's part of the reason you see media campaigns about sharing the road. It may feel like common sense to you as a cyclist, but there really is a disconnect here. A lot of work has to be done before both groups can actually share the road safely and responsibly.

Recent aircraft crashes raise concerns about Boeing's 737 Max

The crash of a Boeing 737 Max jet liner in Ethiopia this week has raised disturbing questions about the safety of this plane. Minutes after the plane took off, it plunged to the ground, killing all 157 people on board. Just five months ago, a Boeing 737 Max crashed in Indonesia with no survivors. As a result, all units of this aircraft model have been grounded around the world.

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