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When Vicarious Liability Leads To Trucking Accidents

Oftentimes, trucking accidents have severe consequences for all parties involved. Even when drivers exert due care, there might be other factors leading to an accident. One of them is the mismanagement or negligence of their companies, also called vicarious liability.

Attorney Joe Klest has helped personal injury victims in Illinois seek fair compensation or justice for over 30 years. In order to do so, he engages in an in-depth investigation of the facts to determine liability, hold the responsible parties accountable and strengthen your case to maximize your compensation.

How Can A Trucking Company Be Negligent?

Vicarious liability is limited to activities “within the relevant scope of work,” that is, the employee was performing regular work activities when the accident occurred. Some examples of vicarious liability include:

  • Poor evaluation of a driver’s skills during the recruitment process
  • Failure to provide proper training to drivers before working in the field
  • Overscheduling drivers to work more hours than established by the law
  • Lack of maintenance to trucks and related equipment
  • Lax disciplinary measures for drivers
  • Deficient testing to prove on a daily basis that drivers are healthy and fit to drive

Trucking companies also play a major role in accidents. Klest Injury Law Firm, with offices in Schaumburg and Chicago, has recovered groundbreaking amounts in awards and settlements in personal injury cases. We understand that injury victims require fair compensation to take care of their health and move on. When we take your case, you will not pay our fees unless we recover your compensation.

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