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Holding Truck Designers And Manufacturers Accountable

Not only do truck drivers and trucking companies have a duty to ensure that you are not hurt by a dangerous truck, a designer or manufacturer must also protect against a semi-truck defect. Given the fact that trucks travel tens of thousands of miles every year, truck accidents are inevitable; when a truck is designed or manufactured defectively, the risk to you and your family is increased.

Common design or manufacturing defects in trucks can impact many parts, including tires, mirrors, brake systems, underride protection, and more.

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Proving A Semi-Truck Defect Case

In a product liability case involving a semi-truck defect, you must prove that you were injured by a defective product placed into the marketplace by a business, and to obtain the fullest recovery possible, you must name all possible defendants in your case. This means our firm will name the designer, manufacturer, distributor, salesperson, and any business who engaged in the sale, manufacture, or design of a truck.

Recovery In A Semi-Truck Defect Case

Under Illinois product liability law, anyone injured by a defective product or defective tire has a claim against a liable business. This means truck drivers, drivers of other vehicles, passengers, and even bystanders injured in a truck accident can recover monetary damages.

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