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Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycle accidents are on the rise in Illinois. What this means for the typical rider is simple: If you share the road with cars, trucks and other vehicles, you are at increased risk of a life-altering collision. Roughly 5,000 people are killed in motorcycle accidents each year in this country, and nearly two-thirds of those accidents occur when a car or truck violates a motorcycle’s right of way.

Below, we discuss some of the injuries that most commonly result from motorcycle accidents. No matter what injuries you have suffered, please seek medical attention and contact an attorney as soon as possible to be sure that your health and your legal rights are protected.

Road Rash

What is road rash? The term refers to the major abrasions and burns that occur when a motorcycle rider hits the road at high speed, sliding and grinding over an unforgiving surface for tens or hundreds of feet. It is the inevitable result of traveling on a vehicle with no enclosure, one that slams riders to the pavement immediately when an accident occurs. Despite ample protective gear and proper habits while riding, road rash is still often an inescapable consequence of wrecking on a bike.

Many people believe the health implications of road rash are minor, but the truth is that injuries can be quite severe. Abrasions and burns can turn very serious indeed without immediate medical care, and even with proper intervention, secondary infections and complications may develop down the line. In extreme cases, road rash can destroy enough tissue to cause nerve or muscle damage, resulting in amputation above the site of the injury. Suffice it to say, you want to protect yourself and recover what you deserve after an injury such as this.

Spinal Injuries

Nearly 100,000 people are injured in motorcycle accidents each year, and the most devastating result is an annual accumulation of spinal injuries. It is perhaps unsurprising that spinal injuries should be so endemic to motorcycle accidents, as the high speeds often result in whiplash, sudden twisting motions and sharp impacts with the road. Injuries such as these often do not heal as others might, leaving victims to suffer with a lifetime of reduced earning capacity and exorbitant medical bills.

Spinal injury can take many forms, but the most common involve neuropathy or paralysis. Because the spine is quite literally the nerve center of the human body, symptoms associated with chronic pain, numbness and paralysis may arise when it gets injured. Each of these can be devastating over the long term, which is why it is essential to document your injuries early and work with an attorney who can help you get what you deserve.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Motorcycle accidents tend to be more violent and devastating than other types of collisions, and traumatic brain injury is a frequent result. The laws of physics dictate that motorcycle riders typically absorb the brunt of energy from colliding with a car or truck, flinging the rider into the air or against an unforgiving surface in an instant. Any number of destructive medical conditions can follow, but one of the most pernicious and dangerous is traumatic brain injury, which is a blow to the very core of what makes us human.

Types Of Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury can take many forms, from mild to severe.

  • Mild traumatic brain injuries are most commonly associated with concussions and may involve a loss of consciousness that lasts under 30 minutes. Although many people “walk away” from mild traumatic brain injuries, the after-effects and lingering symptoms can be grave indeed, including persistent headaches, memory loss, difficulties with speech and personality changes. Injuries such as these are profoundly disruptive to our daily lives, and thus the damages that accrue to them are proportionally large.
  • Severe brain injuries are more immediately identifiable. They are traditionally defined as a loss of consciousness that lasts more than 30 minutes and may include such complicating factors as penetrating skull injury, total loss of memory and coma. Although motorcycle helmets have improved greatly in recent years, they cannot yet prevent the internal damage that occurs within the skull after a major collision on a motorcycle.

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