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Chicago CTA, Metra And Pace Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle use is on the rise in Illinois, which means the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has seen a proportional rise in motorcycle accidents. Although the vast majority of these accidents occur in collisions with cars and trucks, there is a subset of injuries that occurs every year through collisions with mass transit vehicles. Here in Chicago, that includes everything from Metra trains to Pace buses and other public vehicles. No matter what kind of transit is involved, the results are typically violent and destructive.

What You Should Do After A Bus Or Metra Accident

What can you do if you were hit by a mass transit vehicle in Chicago or anywhere in Illinois? The law is squarely on your side, provided you followed the available signage and road signals. Trains and buses often operate even when signs, lights and bells are inoperable, and if your accident occurred under such circumstances, you may be entitled to a significant settlement from the city or municipality in which the accident took place. Major injuries such as traumatic brain injury, spinal injury, paralysis and amputation and cases of wrongful death have all led to successful lawsuits in the Chicago area in recent years.

Work With an Experienced Attorney Who Will Fight For You

The key to success in complicated motorcycle cases involving mass transit is to work with an attorney  who understands how to navigate Illinois laws governing mass transit liability. Klest Injury Law Firm is just such a firm, committed to protecting motorcycle victims in accidents with cars, trucks and mass transit vehicles. If you want to start a conversation with an expert, we urge you to call 847-595-0387 or fill out our contact form today. We never take any fee unless we win you money.