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Overweight Trucks

Illinois law closely regulates truck weight limits. If a truck driver is cited for violation of the Illinois overweight trucking statute, the driver faces both financial and driving penalties. An overweight trucking ticket can not only result in large fines for both the driver and the trucking company, it can also potentially lead to the suspension or loss of a driver's commercial driver's license (CDL). If you have been cited for operating an overweight truck, you should contact an attorney at Klest Injury Law Firm to work on your behalf to control the fine you pay and make sure you retain your license.

Overweight tickets in Illinois can be issued at either stationary truck weighing stations or portable scales. Fines in overweight trucking matters are determined by the amount the cited truck exceeded the statutory weight. Illinois truckers can be ticketed for failing to properly flag a wide load, operating a truck that is overweight on one axle, operating a truck that is grossly overweight for the permit carried, or operating a truck that exceeds the weight limit for a particular stretch of road. An overweight truck lawyer can substantially reduce the fines that are paid for these violations.

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Even more importantly, an Illinois overweight truck lawyer can protect your commercial driver's license (CDL). The loss of a CDL can be especially devastating for an independent trucker. Such owner-operator truckers cannot make a living without a CDL.

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