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Driving Without Proof of Insurance

Illinois law requires drivers to be covered by a liability insurance policy. More specifically, Illinois motorists must carry at least $20,000 in liability insurance for one person's bodily injury or death, $40,000 for multiple bodily injuries or deaths, and $15,000 for property damage. In addition to maintaining a current insurance policy, drivers must also carry proof of insurance with them. Illinois law mandates that all drivers carry proof of insurance when operating a motor vehicle. Failure to present proof of insurance can result in fines ranging up to $1,000 and suspension of your driver's license. You can be charged even if you left your insurance card at home or your insurance company failed to mail you a new card once the old expired.

Contact Klest Injury Law Firm to Advocate for You

If you have received a citation for driving without proof of insurance, you should retain a Chicago traffic attorney to fight on your behalf. An aggressive traffic defense attorney at Klest Injury Law Firm can investigate your ticket and help you avoid large fines and license suspension. Contact us if you have been issued a citation for driving without proof of insurance.