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Traffic Violation Defense

Illinois lawmakers and law enforcement officers are cracking down on Illinois drivers who violate traffic laws. Because of this increased attention, Illinois drivers facing traffic tickets are well advised to contact an attorney to fight on their behalf. The state or municipal government issuing the ticket will certainly have a lawyer working on its side. If you receive a speeding ticket in the greater Chicago area, you need a lawyer to advocate for your rights as well. Klest Injury Law Firm represents individuals that have received tickets for the following traffic violations:

Illinois traffic tickets should not be taken lightly. Traffic convictions can trigger serious penalties such as hefty fines, license suspension, or even revocation. The loss of your license for any period of time could negatively impact your personal, familial and professional life. Illinois traffic convictions also negatively impact your insurance rates. If you are convicted of certain traffic offenses, you might face higher premiums or even policy cancellation. In order to prevent such devastating results, you need to retain an aggressive Chicago traffic lawyer to protect your rights. A capable Illinois traffic attorney can mitigate the fines you pay and help you keep your license. Attorney Joseph G. Klest spent years prosecuting traffic violations in the city of Addison. Now his firm can put that experience to use for you.

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