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Chicago Attorneys Fighting Against Hazing And Bullying

Bullying is a serious matter in America. Especially with the Internet and social media sites allowing for instant and mass bullying, it is becoming a more frequent issue among teens and college students. In addition, hazing incidents on college campuses across the country have injured and even killed young people. If you or your child was injured or killed due to hazing or bullying, it is time to seek the help of an experienced personal injury law firm.

Here are some disturbing statistics regarding hazing (according to

  • 5% of all college students admit to being hazed.
  • 40% admit to knowing about hazing activities.
  • 40% report that a coach or club advisor was aware of the hazing.
  • 22% report that the coach or advisor was involved in the hazing.

Illinois Harassment Attorneys

With offices throughout Chicago, hazing and bullying lawyer Joseph Klest has over 30 years of experience in personal injury representation. Attorney Joseph Klest is nationally recognized and renowned throughout Chicago.

If you need legal representation for a hazing or bullying incident, please contact us at Klest Injury Law Firm, and schedule a free confidential consultation. We can discuss the facts surrounding your particular injury case.

Bullying and Hazing

Bullying can take many forms. Whether through constant verbal or physical abuse, or from online abuse and cyberbullying, it can take a huge physical and psychological toll on any child. In addition, hazing is seen in colleges/fraternities and even high schools, especially among athletes. Lawsuits may be filed against a perpetrator, a perpetrator's parents or a school if the school failed to properly supervise or take any disciplinary action.

If your child is a victim of hazing or bullying, it is time to hold negligent parties responsible. No one should ever let bullying or hazing go unnoticed. Klest Injury Law Firm will see to it that your family receives justice.