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Archdiocese of Chicago mishandles sexual abuse allegation against Father Daniel McCormack

It was revealed today (January 26, 2006) that in the year 2000 a nun informed officials of the Archdiocese of Chicago that a fourth grade boy at Holy Family Church claimed that Father McCormack asked him to pull down his pants in the sacristy after Mass. The nun claims that she informed officials of the Archdiocese of Chicago both orally and in writing in the year 2000.

Father McCormack pastor of St. Agatha in Chicago was again accused of in August of 2005 of molesting a Willowbrook boy twice in December of 2003.

As an attorney that has prosecuted over 100 civil law suits involving clergy sexual abuse it is astounding that the Archdiocese of Chicago would still act to protect a priest accused of molesting children and would not remove him immediately pending investigation.