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Driver Negligence in Trucking Accidents

Truck drivers are responsible for the safe handling of massive machines that occupy the same roadways as passenger vehicles. Truckers have a duty to ensure that the truck is maintained properly, they are not too impaired to drive, and the weather is suitable for driving. This requires an experienced and properly trained driver who respects the rules of the road.

If you have been seriously injured because of truck driver negligence, contact Klest Injury Law Firm, in Chicago and Schaumburg, Illinois, for a free initial consultation concerning your truck accident, whether it occurred in Illinois or in any other state. It is our goal to obtain the fairest amount of money necessary to compensate you for your injuries.

It is frightening to think that an unqualified driver is behind the wheel of a semi truck. A driver has a responsibility to ensure that you and your family are not placed in danger by his or her negligence. Trucking companies also have a duty to hire qualified drivers. These two responsibilities go hand-in-hand to protect you. Our attorneys will hold those parties accountable for the injuries they cause.

Types of Truck Driver Negligence

Truck driver negligence can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Some of the more common types of negligence encountered on the road include:

  • Aggressive driving, failing to use a turn signal, tailgating, and speeding
  • Failing to properly inspect trucks before, during, and after a route
  • Driving with an overweight load, improperly balanced load, or improperly secured load
  • Continuing to drive despite an adverse road condition
  • Violating the federal law on sleep and rest time
  • Driving while intoxicated or while under the influence of a drug

Oftentimes a truck driver does not have an evil intent when driving negligently. Truckers are often pushed by trucking company to take on more trips. This push to stay competitive in the trucking industry places your family in danger. Truck drivers often have to choose between losing their job and compromising on safety.

If you suspect you have been injured because of truck driver negligence, contact a personal injury lawyer for a free initial consultation. We represent people injured in truck accidents in the Chicagoland area, throughout Illinois, and nationwide.

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