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Change of venue announced for an Illinois wrongful death lawsuit

A Cook County wrongful death lawsuit filed almost three years ago has recently been given a change of venue. The case stems from the death of a sophomore at Grinnell College in 2010. Last Wednesday, the wrongful death case was re-filed in Morgan County Court naming the Midwest Athletic Conference, Illinois College and Grinnell College along with its board of trustees, as the defendants. Also named in the suit are two athletic equipment companies operating out of Champaign.

The sophomore died during a track meet competition for the Midwest Conference Championships in 2010 when he tried to clear 11 feet during the pole vault event. The lawsuit's documentation indicates that the landing pit mat collapsed during his attempt causing him to violently strike an unprotected area located next to the landing mat. The college student died from his injuries following the accident at a hospital in Springfield, Illinois.

Illinois man sentenced for sexual assault of a woman and child

Earlier this week, an Elgin, Illinois, man who was already serving time for domestic battery, received a 16-year prison sentence after he pleaded guilty to the sexual assault of a woman. Prosecutors say the attack occurred after the woman interrupted the defendant when he was attempting to assault a 10-year-old girl sexually.

According to the police and prosecutors, the incident occurred in May of 2012 following a pizza get-together at the Elgin home of the defendant. Allegedly, he invited the woman over to eat and she brought five children -- her own and kids of family members -- with her. Later that evening, the man invited the woman and the children to spend the night. All of the group, aside from a 10-year-old girl who had fallen asleep in the living room, retired to the home's single bedroom for the night.

Unexplained Derailment At O'Hare Leaves Dozens Injured

A startling accident led to 32 people suffering injuries Monday morning, as a CTA Blue Line train came off the tracks at O'Hare Airport station. The eight-car train derailed just before 3 a.m. this morning. After coming off the tracks, the train traveled up an escalator at the O'Hare station. Thankfully, the train accident caused no fatalities. The operator of the train was walking and discussing the incident with investigators later in the morning.

The National Transportation Safety Board has been called on to participate in the investigation into the crash. The Chicago Transit Authority will work with NTSB investigators to determine why the train derailed. Nothing has been ruled out at this time, including operator error, signal failure, equipment malfunction and other possible factors. A CTA spokesperson did indicated that the train may have been traveling at a higher rate of speed than expected while pulling into a station.

Chicago woman charged in car wreck that killed police officer

According to authorities, a 31-year-old Chicago woman has received a murder charge in connection with a car accident that resulted in the death of an off-duty police officer. On Sunday, a Cook County Bond Court ordered the woman to be kept in custody on a $10 million bond after being charged with first-degree murder, aggravated fleeing an accident causing bodily injury, aggravated DUI and possession of marijuana.

In the early morning hours last Friday, the woman was allegedly driving a white van pursued by a Calumet Park police officer when the car collision occurred. Witnesses on the scene claim the woman crashed into the off-duty policeman's black Lexus at the corner of South Lafayette Avenue and 87th Street just before 1 a.m. Authorities report that the police officer was attached to a special team in charge of patrolling Chicago's most dangerous neighborhoods and was on his way home when the van struck him. His car was pushed into a light pole, killing him.

Chicago's Catholic priests named in sexual abuse allegations

Once again, the public has shined a harsh light on sexual abuse in the Catholic community. According to files released by Chicago's archdiocese, the church has engaged in decades of protecting priests accused of sexual abuse while shrouding the facts in systematic secrecy. For the young victims of this abuse, their nightmare seems to have no end as justice continues to remain out of reach.

Contingent as a component of the settlement awarded in a sexual abuse case, the released files allegedly indicate that the Chicago archdiocese knew about many of the sexual abuse allegations naming a deceased Chicago priest. These documents also apparently reveal that victims reported this priest and others were members of a club that routinely participated in child sexual abuse.

Chicago area widow sues after husband is crushed to death

Being crushed to death by an industrial trash compactor is a particularly hideous way to die. However, that's what happened to a Palatine man last July. Now his widow is suing the condominium association and property management group for the couple's 110-unit complex where the horrific accident occurred. According to the wrongful death suit, the victim "suffered innumerable crushing injuries" that killed him. His widow is also seeking damages for pain and suffering.

The plaintiff says that a member of the condo association board gave her husband the keys for the complex's Dumpster without warning him of the "extreme danger" posed by the compactor connected to it. She also holds the association liable for not having warning signs on the door to the room where the Dumpster was located or on the compactor itself.

Family files wrongful death suit in truck stop shooting

The family of an Illinois man killed by a security guard at a truck stop has filed a wrongful death suit. They are seeking damages from Love's Travel Stop in Dayton, Ohio, as well as the security company for which the guard worked. The 48-year-old man was shot last December, reportedly in the chest and arm.

The victim's family said that the 25-year-old security guard should not have been armed because his application to carry a gun on the job had not been approved at the time of the shooting. That information came to light thanks to a news investigation by a local Dayton television station.

Cause of fatal Antioch car accident still under investigation

Investigators are still working to determine the cause of a fatal collision that occurred between a van and a pickup truck in Antioch early on Feb. 9. The crash, which killed the 45-year-old driver of the truck, occurred just after 10 a.m. that Sunday morning on Illinois Highway 173.

Two nearby motorists stopped and tried to assist the seriously injured truck driver, whose vehicle rolled over after it collided with the van. However, the Waukegan man succumbed to his injuries at the scene. The two people in the van were taken to the hospital for treatment, but their injuries were reportedly not-life threatening.

Record of driver charged in fatal truck accident under scrutiny

The driver of a tractor-trailer who was charged with four felonies in a fiery, high-speed fatal collision late last month has a record of moving violations and a drug conviction. That crash on Interstate 88 critically injured an Illinois State Police trooper and killed an Illinois Tollway employee. The driver was also convicted back in 2001 of delivering cocaine. However, because that felony drug conviction, which involved transporting a kilo of the illegal narcotic, did not involve a commercial truck, he was still able to obtain a Commercial Drivers License in Illinois in 2007 after he served time on the drug conviction.

Since then, the driver has had other moving violations while driving a truck. However, none have been as serious as those he is facing now. He was convicted of speeding in 2010. He was also convicted of backing onto a one-way street improperly. In 2012, he was reportedly involved in an accident that caused damage to property, but was apparently driving a car in that incident.

Illinois school district facing lawsuit for sexual abuse of teen

A former Peoria, Illinois, high school teacher who pleaded guilty last summer to sexual abuse of a student and is serving a five-year prison term is now facing a lawsuit over her actions. The suit alleges that responsibility for the crimes, however, extends beyond the teacher. The lawsuit also names Peoria School District 150, school board members, the school, its principal and two other teachers.

The accused teacher pleaded guilty to the state crime "aggravated criminal sexual abuse," and admitted to "sexual conduct" with a 15-year-old. She was also accused of sending explicit texts to the young man and having sex with him inside a classroom. Her plea allowed her to escape a harsher sentence. She originally faced a federal charge of "enticement of a minor."


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