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Things you should know about biking in Chicago

During the non-snowy months of the year, you can see people walking and bicycling all around the Chicago streets. Chicago was named the most bicycle-friendly city in the country by Bicycling magazine last year. There are a lot of good points the city has for people who choose to bike around Chicago.

If you are ready to head out and enjoy the city from the point of view of a bicyclist and get some exercise while you are doing this, make sure that you head out prepared.

Do you know what a Dutch Reach is?

Do you remember your parents teaching you to look both ways before crossing the road when you were a child? Do you remember your parents teaching you to let a dog sniff your hand before you pet it? These are common safety measures that get ingrained into our heads until they're habits when we're children.

In The Netherlands, they have an additional habit they teach their kids, and it would be a good idea for Americans to start teaching their kids the habit, too. It's called the "Dutch Reach" and although the term sounds a little funny, it saves the lives of bicyclists because it prevents dooring accidents.

Thinking about renting a party bus? You might want to think again

Party buses seem like fun, and many Illinois residents will rent one for a special event. What could be better than to have your friends together for a moving party that goes wherever you want? It seems like a great idea on the surface, but party buses can also be extremely dangerous.

Unfortunately, the family of a 27-year-old man recently found out the hard way just how dangerous party buses can be.

Drunk drivers who kill pedestrians may be liable for damages

Imagine your husband was taking his dog for a walk in the neighborhood, but he never came home. A drunk driver, too drunk to pay attention to his surroundings, struck him. Although emergency responders did their best, your husband eventually succumbed to his injuries at the hospital and didn’t survive.

It’s terrifying to imagine a circumstance like this. However, if a similar situation happened to your family, you may have the ability to pursue financial restitution and justice in court.

Have you ever ridden your bike on a train platform?

The combination of bicycle and Chicago Transit Authority travel can get you where you want to go quickly. Just show up to the CTA station with your bike, and put it on the train. However, you should never ride your bike on the train platform. If you lose your balance, you could fall on the tracks and get hit by a train.

In spite of this danger, however, no warning signs are there to keep bicyclists off their bike seats. Also, there are no rules that say you can’t ride on train platforms in Chicago. Most of us would probably err on the side of caution and choose to walk our bikes on the train platform. However, younger cyclists and those in a rush could be tempted to dangerously ride on it.

What risk factors result in bicycle crash injuries?

In studying the efficiency of energy use in the animal kingdom, scientists have discovered that the condor moves with the highest level of effectiveness. A walking human being, on the other hand, operates at a far lower -- almost embarrassing -- level. Put a human on a bicycle, and this efficiency goes off the charts.

It's clear to see why you love riding your bike to school, to work, and just for fun. However, in addition to being energy friendly, efficient and fun to ride, bicycles can also be dangerous. In fact, maybe you're all too familiar with this fact and have already suffered an injury.

Did you crash into someone's door while riding your bike?

It's every bicyclist's worst nightmare. You're riding down the street and a line of vehicles is parked parallel to your right along the road. You're following all traffic laws and riding carefully, then out of nowhere, the drivers' side doors of one of the parked cars flies open directly in your path. You crash into the door, go flying over your handlebars and your body smashes into the concrete.

As a result of the collision, you break your collarbone, bruise some ribs and have a near-fatal head injury. Meanwhile, the driver of the car is looking over you and trying to tell you it was your fault.

Was your son hit by a car while riding his bike?

A child bicycle accident might happen like this: Your 11-year-old son was riding his brand new bicycle to the convenience store one Saturday afternoon to buy a soft drink and a candy bar. Being the child that he was, he didn't judge the traffic appropriately before crossing the road, and a motorist clipped the back wheel of his bicycle sending him flying.

Fortunately, your son only broke his arm and he'll soon recover, but the emergency room bills and ambulance ride are going to cost you thousands of dollars.

A concussion requires the right type of treatment

Any type of brain injury is one that requires your full and undivided attention. The last thing you want to do is assume that your brain will heal itself with time. Instead, you need to work with a qualified medical team who can implement the best treatment strategy at the right time.

Take, for example, a person who has suffered a concussion in a motor vehicle accident. While you may not immediately realize that something is wrong, it’s important to consult with a medical professional without delay. This is the best way to ensure that you’re treating this problem, as well as any other, in the appropriate manner.

Cyclists: Who's to blame for your dooring accident?

One of the things cyclists know they have to look out for are drivers who park and swing their doors open without looking in the lane next to them. Cyclists have to ride as far to the right as possible on a road, and that sometimes means riding close to parked vehicles. Throwing a door open suddenly gives a cyclist no time to maneuver, leading to a dooring accident. If this happens, you have the option of pursuing a claim against the driver.

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