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Dooring accidents are hard to avoid in Chicago

For many, riding a bike is a way of life. From commuting to training for the next race, people are riding bicycles all over the city. For the commuter, such as yourself, your route is usually limited from home to work during the majority of the time. You know every blind intersection and pothole going to and from your office.

The one thing that is the hardest for you to avoid is a dooring accident. It has happened to a few of your friends and it finally happened to you too. You were riding on the right side of the lane, between moving traffic and cars parked along the side of the street. While you were looking over your shoulder to judge the intentions of the driver coming up behind you, it happened. The door of a parked car suddenly flew open and you had no way to avoid it.

Dooring accidents in Chicago: An Overview

People choose to bike in the city of Chicago for a range of reasons. Some people choose to commute to school or work on a bike because they want to help reduce their environmental impact. Others may find biking faster than driving, if they need to move through congested traffic areas regularly. Some may use bicycling as a means of exercising and staying in shape.

Whatever the reason for your decision to bike in Chicago, you deserve to safely share the road with motor vehicles. Sometimes, a dooring accident takes away that sense of safety, and leads to serious injuries.

Bicycle commuters can be involved in a serious accident

In many big cities, such as Chicago, it's not uncommon for people to commute to and from work on a bicycle. For some, this is better than driving their car (and dealing with parking) or relying on public transportation.

There are many benefits of bicycling to and from work, including the ability to better control your schedule. Along with this, it allows you to save both time and money.

Strange Holiday Mishaps And Injuries

You survived the holiday season! Hopefully it was full of family, fun, and festivities. But, the holiday season can also be filled with a lot of drama and dramatic injuries, and not everyone gets through it unscathed.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, an estimated 20,000 Americans visit the ER each year due to holiday decoration injuries alone. That's not to mention the large number of visits due to Christmas or New Year's Eve festivities gone wrong.

Winter can lead to serious risk for bicycle accidents in Chicago

Those who are truly devoted to biking as a form of transport and exercise know that winter weather doesn't mean the end of biking season. From proper outerwear to fat tires meant to better grip snowy and icy roads, there's gear that can make winter biking accessible for most who bike.

And, winter biking can be exhilarating! From the crisp rush of cold winter wind to the warp-like feeling that comes from snowflakes flying around your face as you pedal, winter biking is unlike biking during any other season. Sadly, for some bikers, winter biking can be the cause of a serious injury.

A Short Timeline Of Bicycles And Bike Accidents

Evolution of bicycle.jpg

We often blog about current situations facing bicyclists in Chicago and around the country, but there's more to the story of bike safety than just recent issues. Today, we're turning the clock back and looking at the history of bikes and bike crashes. From the story of an industrious blacksmith in 1830s Scotland to the large-scale data collected about bike accidents in the United States today, here is our brief history of bicycle accidents.

If you find this timeline interesting or if you have friends or family members who are generally interested in biking, please consider sharing this article on Facebook and Twitter!

What Are Ghost Bikes?

Ghost bike.jpg

We've previously written about how dangerous Chicago's streets have been for bicyclists in 2016, and now we turn our attention to one of the aftereffects of that danger: ghost bikes. But what exactly are ghost bikes? Where are they located in the city? How do people feel about them?

Divvy Safety In 2016: A Look At The Numbers

Chicago Divvy - cropped.jpg

As the deadly year in Chicago cycling continues, an important piece of the puzzle that needs to be considered is the Divvy system. Divvy - and ride-sharing in general - has been pronounced an exceptionally safe form of travel, and it seems that's actually the case. The first fatality on a Divvy bike, and possibly the first fatality in any ride-sharing system in the United States, did not occur until July 2016.

We decided to take a closer look at the numbers to see how many people use Divvy, how they use the system and who is using Divvy bikes so that we could put this fatality in proper context. To do this, we looked at Divvy statistics from 2015 (to get a full year's worth of data).

Chicago cyclists face dangers despite 'best bike city' award

Chicago bike road.jpg

It's been a deadly year for Chicago cyclists. Despite the honor of best bike city in the U.S. by Bicycling magazine award last month, six people have been killed while biking in or around Chicago in the past year, four of which were in a two-month span over the summer. Although the bike paths and lanes built as of lane have been a boon for the cyclists in the city, there are still obvious dangers which need addressing.

Blocked Bike Lanes In Chicago: An Endless Battle

Fixie bike.jpg

While 2016 was in the process of becoming one of the deadliest summers in recent memory for bicyclists in Chicago, the increased attention given to bicycle safety has drawn focus to a prevalent yet largely unaddressed danger that bicyclists face in the city every day: bike lanes blocked by construction equipment and materials. If you've biked at all in the city, you are all too familiar with this problem. And you're not alone if you thought it was worse than usual. Jim Merrell, advocacy director of the Active Transportation Alliance, told the Chicago Reader, "Things have really come to a head this summer with the obstruction of high-profile bike routes."

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