Driving on Suspended or Revoked License

While it may be tempting to operate a motor vehicle while your license is suspended or revoked, the penalties for doing so can be very serious. If you are issued a citation for driving on a suspended or revoked license you may face an extension of the suspension or revocation penalty, not to mention potential jail time. Drivers should also keep in mind that a database known as the National Driver Register (NDR) actively monitors drivers with revoked or suspended licenses. The purpose of this database is to keep drivers from obtaining a license in a different state after their privileges have been revoked or suspended in their home state. State members of the Interstate Compact are also able to share information among member states. Lawmakers, police officers, and judges in Illinois and throughout the country take driving on suspended or revoked license citations very seriously.

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If you have been issued a citation for driving on suspended or revoked license, you should retain an Illinois traffic lawyer to advocate on your behalf. An aggressive traffic defense attorney at Klest Injury Law Firm can investigate the circumstances surrounding your citation and fight to protect your rights in the courtroom. Contact us today if you have been issued a citation for driving on a suspended or revoked license.

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